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2-Wheel Drive Truck Demolition Derby

Rules and Preparation

June 27, 2009 at Viola Mud Pits

Viola Campground is promoting this event as an unusual spectator attraction. In the interest of safety, drivers and pit crew must obey the following rules and regulations which are set up by the promoters and track officials.

Entry Fee

1.Entry fee is $30 per truck and you will receive 2 pit passes. One for the driver , the other for a pit person. They will be given out as the truck enters the in-field to whom-ever is with the vehicle. Any other pit passes will have to be purchased. [$5ea.] If you are having your truck delivered and will not be with it at that time, it is your responsibility to make arrangements to obtain your pit passes or you will have to purchase new ones.

2. Entries for these 3 truck derbies will only be accepted the day of the event.

3. Each of the 3 classes [full size, compact & SUV] will be run as a one shot deal down to the final truck. The top 3 will receive money and the winner will receive a trophy.

Rules and Regulations

1.Any SUV, ½ or ¾ ton trucks, rear wheel drive only. No 4x4, super-duty, king cabs, one tons or dual wheels are allowed. Compacts: 2wheel drive only. No V8’s, wooden beds, steel flatbeds, dump beds, or camper tops allowed. Extended cabs are allowed. Dodge Dakota’s with a 4 or 6cyl. will run with compact size.

2. The track officials reserve the right to reject any entries, and to re-inspect any winning trucks after the feature heat, if deemed necessary. When and if they are found in violation, they will be disqualified!!!! Disqualified trucks will not receive refunds!! Also there will be NO refunds for no-shows or mechanical failure!

3. All trucks are to be removed from the property that night. If this is not possible, let an official know. The property owners and officials will not be responsible for any cars, parts, or personal property before, during after the show or overnight.

4. Drivers must be 16 years of age [16 & 17 year olds must have parents sign a waiver in the presence of an official]. Be prepared to show ID or you may not be allowed to participate. Each driver must be signed in and have their truck inspected at least one hour before show time. [$5.00 late fee after the one hour deadline]

5. Drivers must attend the drivers meeting before the show.

6. All drivers are responsible for theirs and crew members actions. Any driver or pit person found under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be disqualified and removed from the grounds and barred from any future derbies.

7. Trucks must have a hood, OEM bed, both bumpers and doors. Frame must be stock form with no plating or reinforcement.

Preparation of Truck

1. Remove all glass, head and tail lights, and clean inside of cab and bed before arrival. This applies to metal parts, trash, screws, nails, bolts, and glass. Broken glass inside doors is not permitted. Chrome molding strips, outside door handles, side-view mirrors and running boards must be removed.

2. Bumpers are required, both front and back. Only OEM truck bumpers are allowed on trucks. Rear bumpers cannot be used on the front. However, stock style flat bumpers may used on the front and rear. No special bumpers, tubular bumpers, trailer hitches, or fifth wheel plates. Corners of bumpers are allowed to be cut or smashed in. Bumpers may be wired to core support in up to 4 places to prevent them from falling off. Double strand #9 gauge max.

3. Suspension must remain stock. No stiff suspension, lift kits, spring blocks, reversed shackles or working air shocks allowed. No more than 8 leafs per side with 4 clamps [2front, 2 back]. Leaf springs must be stair stepped at least 2” down from the main. No main over main or short blocking.

4.Welded solid or chained down engine and transmission mounts are recommended. Transmission coolers are allowed inside the engine compartment and inside the cab. If placed inside the cab, they must be covered or sealed in a container or have a barrier between it and the driver. It must protect the driver in case of a leak.

5. Radiator must remain in its original place or removed.

6. Battery [only 1] must be moved inside the cab to the passengers side floor area, and secured and covered with a non- absorbent material.

7. Stock gas tanks must be removed and discarded. A small portable tank or fuel cell is required. It cannot be placed inside the cab. It must be mounted to the center of the bed directly behind the cab on a fuel tank plate. The plate must be mounted to the bed floor from frame rail to frame rail. It cannot extend past the bed rails, be more than 18” wide or ½ “ thick. It must be bolted through the frame at the 4 corners. The tank must be securely mounted to the plate and covered with a non-absorbent material. Sides may be added to the plate to form a box if desired. Maximum of 4 gallons of gas is allowed. If equipped with an electric fuel pump, you must install a kill switch near the base of the drivers door post and dash area within easy reach for safety personnel.

8. When replacing body mount bolts, they must not exceed 5/8” in size and cannot extend more than½” past the nut. No extra body bolts may be added. Washers and plates are limited to 3” in diameter unless patching rust holes. You may use same thickness of metal and repair up to 1” larger than the rusted out area. This goes for body and frame alike.

9. Truck cab and bed may be bolted together in 4 places. The bolts can be no larger than 1” and the washers 5”. Truck bed may be welded to the cab, bed sides only-[3/16” thick by 6” wide straps/plates max.].

10. Drivers door may be reinforced inside with steel bar, pipe, concrete, etc. Only flat plating may used on the outside of the door. It is mandatory that the inside door panel on drivers side be left on or replaced with padding for the drivers protection.

11.Drivers compartment must be reinforced with a 4-bar enclosure- 2 long bars, one directly behind the drivers seat from one side of the truck to the other, one across the dash area, 2 shorter ones across the 2 doors connecting the longer bars. You can also build a roll bar off of the bar behind the seat and attach it to the roof. Kickers from 4 bar enclosure to frame are allowed. Rear kickers must be straight down [vertical only]. Front kickers may angle forward, but not to exceed 6” through firewall. You may use bars, pipes or angle to build this rectangular safety zone and kickers. Materials used can be no larger than 4” in diameter.

12.Hoods must be wired shut, 2 strands per hole up to 8 places. Sheet metal to sheet metal only. Max. #9 gauge wire. Core supports only, may be seam welded. No welds on fenders. Hoods may be screwed, bolted or welded around access holes only.

13.Doors and tailgate must be secured by wire, chain or vertically welded seams. Bottom of tailgate may also be secured by bolting or welding a piece of angle to the inside where the tailgate meets the bed. Angle iron can be no longer than 24” and be no larger than 3”x 3” by ¼” thick. If bolts are used they cannot pass through the frame. Sheet metal to sheet metal only. Outside vertical seams of tailgate can be welded. If plated, it cannot be wider than 2” and 3/16” thick. Inside vertical seam can also be welded, but no plating can be used.

14. All trucks must have a minimum 12” hole in the hood above the carburetor. Hoods must remain on trucks. Fan blades must be covered and carburetors must have air cleaners.

15. Tire can be no wider than 12” and no taller than 34”. No studs or screws in rim to hold tire on. No split rims. Wheel weights must be removed. V-tread tires are not allowed.

16. A strong wire or nylon mesh screen is permitted on drivers door and the windshield area.

17. Doors should be painted white for drivers’ safety and for numbering. Special numbers are permitted on a first come basis.

18. Cutting fenders for wheel clearance is permitted. No re-welding or bolting of fenders is permitted. Folding or rolling the sheet metal is ok.

19. No profanity of any kind is allowed on any portion of the truck. This is a family event!


1. A working seatbelt, helmet, and eye protection are required to be left on until the end of the heat.

2. No deliberate [full speed] head on collisions and no deliberate hitting on the drivers door. Don’t count on getting a warning, you may be disqualified!

3. Vehicles must have dependable brakes at all times.

4. A vehicle will be disqualified if drivers door opens at any time during the heat.

5. A 1 minute time limit is enforced by the track officials for restarts and making aggressive contact with another live truck. This does not mean simply bumping into another truck. The key word is aggressive. If you are hung up and making a strong effort to get free, you may be given more time. If you are sand-bagging, you may get less. Again this is the officials decision.


1. All tires and wheels must be pre-approved.

2. Implement, bar, doubled, and light truck tires are permitted

3. No split rims, studded tires, mud tires, off road tires are allowed!

4. All wheels and rims must be stock. No welding or reinforcing allowed!

5. Liquid in tires is not permitted. Studs or screws in rims to hold tires will not be allowed.

6. Valve stem protectors are allowed.

Racing Regulations

1. All drivers must wear approved helmets, long pants, shirts and eye protection.

2. Entries will be limited to one truck per driver per show.

3. Drivers may change trucks for the feature providing the truck changed to has run in a prior heat. Officials must be notified of any changes prior to the feature.

4. A mandatory drivers meeting will be held before the start of the show.

5. All cars should be signed in at least 1 hour before posted staring time, and must be inspected before the race.

6. Intentional drivers door contact and sand-bagging will not be tolerated.

7. A driver is allowed one fire per heat. If the truck catches fire for a second time in a heat, it will result in the truck being called “out” for that heat, but not disqualified.

8. Any disqualified truck will not be eligible for the feature. [truck or driver]

All rules are subject to change and the officials have the final say. It is impossible to list everything that you can and cannot do and we realize that rules may be bent, pushed or sometimes tested with new ideas. However the track officials have the final say!!!



In case of inclement weather [heavy rain] check for alternate date